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Toy donations are needed for 2017 Santa Shoppe


Oct 17


The Santa Shoppe Assistance program helps parents earn Christmas gifts for their children by taking classes on helpful topics such as parenting and budgeting. 27 schools in Pickens County and Anderson District One are referring parents in need to the program. We anticipate families earning over 1600 gifts this year by taking classes as part of the Santa Shoppe program. In addition to selecting gifts for their children, parents are provided with new socks and underwear and a filled stocking for each child. We have served families for four Christmases and 100% of participants have said they do not want to return to one way assistance at Christmas. Please email santashoppe@dreamcenterpc.org for information about how you can help empower parents this Christmas by donating toys, stocking stuffers, socks or underwear.

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