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Jun 16



Meet Latosha

Meet Latosha

We met Latosha two years ago when she came to the Dream Center seeking help. She was homeless, living in her car and in need of a job. Latosha has received mentoring over the last two years, including help with her finances, self-image and her understanding of the Bible. She has learned many life lessons through attending classes at The Dream Center; she has even earned extra Dream Dollars by cleaning our building. Currently, she has a job that she LOVES, is continuing classes at The Dream Center, is receiving Biblical counseling, and has had the courage to step out of an unhealthy relationship. She is tackling her personal goals one at a time, while focusing on being an independent, self sufficient woman and following Jesus step by step. Latosha recently said, “I can now share what I have learned about the Bible with others. I can tell them about Jesus and how He has changed my life.” What brings us the most joy is what Latosha said about her personal growth over the last two years; “I couldn’t be more proud of myself and who I am becoming in Christ. The Dream Center is awesome.” This woman is beautiful, smart, determined and has the perseverance to succeed. No matter what life throws her way, she gets back up, dusts herself off and keeps taking steps forward. We love who she is becoming in Christ too! Thank you to everyone who gives their time or money to help us continue to help people like Latosha.

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