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Sep 15



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The Dream Center Hosts “Fostering Hope”

The Dream Center was privileged to host an event called “Fostering Hope” May 12, 2015. In collaboration with SC Youth Advocacy Program and DSS, the event was created in order to educate the community about the foster care crisis in Pickens County. The crisis… only 40 foster homes in Pickens County and the need for at least 80 more to take care of the current deficit of foster homes. The challenge…to invite churches from all over Pickens County to come to The Dream Center and hear about the foster care crisis in hopes that many will step up as foster parents and other important roles in the foster care crisis. After months of planning, inviting and praying…over 500 people from 70 different churches attended Fostering Hope! Many people responded with 90 families expressing interest in learning more about becoming a foster parent. Many also signed up to become mentors and participants in the Guardian Ad Litem program. The Dream Center is not a foster care organization but it is a “Jesus organization” and Jesus cares about children in foster care!


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