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Sep 14


The Dream Center offers a program for families who are struggling financially to earn Christmas gifts for their children. The Santa Shoppe Assistance Program is designed to empower parents to personally experience the joy of earning rather than experience one-way giving. Parents attend free classes to educate themselves in a variety of areas and earn Dream Dollars. Dream Dollars are used to purchase new toys and gifts for children.

Here are some commonly asked questions about the Santa Shoppe:

Is the Santa Shoppe open to the public?

No, the Santa Shoppe is only available to parents who have been accepted into the program.

How do I apply for assistance from the Santa Shoppe?

Parents with any school-aged children must obtain a referral from your child’s guidance counselor in addition to the Santa Shoppe application. Only families from Pickens County schools or Anderson School District One will be considered.

Parents without younger children (infants-kindergarten) children must come into the Dream Center at 111 Hillcrest Drive Easley, South Carolina to complete an application.

What can I donate to the Santa Shoppe?
We are in need of new toys and other gift items such as batteries, hair straighteners, iPod shuffles, and gift cards. In addition, we need new underwear, socks, Christmas stockings, and stocking stuffers for each child. Please call 644-8885 to ask for more specific donation needs.

How do I volunteer at the Santa Shoppe?

The first step in volunteering is to attend a “How to Volunteer” meeting. At the meeting, speak with a Dream Center representative about volunteering in the Santa Shoppe. To see a complete schedule of “How to Volunteer” meetings click here.

Can I receive any Christmas assistance from other programs or organizations?
Families receiving any other Christmas assistance will not be considered for the Santa Shoppe program.

How many classes do I have to take?
The number of classes you take depends on the number of children you have.
One child…………Four Classes

Two children……..Six Classes

Three children……Eight Classes

Four children…….Ten classes

Five children……. Twelve classes

Six children………Fourteen classes

When can I start earning credit for the Santa Shoppe?
September 8th, 2014.

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