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Make a Difference – Raise A Village Day

For Make a Difference Day on October 22nd 2016, over 500 Volunteers from all over the state came to RAISE the first homeless shelter in Pickens County.


Opportunity Village

The Opportunity Village is one of a kind homeless shelter program developed by The Dream Center of Pickens County. Using a “tiny house” model, the village provides 23 tiny units and 10 transitional house to shelter homeless individuals and families. The students of three local high schools are EACH raising $15,000 to sponsor a Step One unit. You can donate directly to their fundraising project. Choose The Patriot House for Powdersville High School, The Wren House for Wren High School or The Greenwave House for Easley High School and help these students reach their goals of leaving a lasting legacy in the community!

Timelapse of Make a Difference Day

Step One units provide immediate emergency shelter while residents participate in an individualized success plan developed by the The Dream Center which includes a schedule of classes, counseling and personal growth designed specifically for the needs of the individual.


Step Two units are larger and are available to residents who have met specific personal milestones in their success plan. Residents earn Dream Dollars by following their success plan and must use Dream Dollars to “pay” for their housing in Step One and Step Two.


Step Three consists of ten transitional houses which are available as the last step before graduating from the program. Residents pay a reduced rental fee to live in a Step Three unit as they prepare to transition out on their own.


The individualized success plans are designed to help residents overcome barriers and challenges to prepare them for success. Specifically focused on job placement,  financial responsibility and personal growth, the plan includes providing each resident with a mentor who continuously walks the journey alongside them for one year.


Residents must pass random drug testing participate in all required classes and stay within the gated village unless they have received permission to leave. The Opportunity Village provides transportation to and from work for residents who need it.

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