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Adam Browning Story


Mar 18



Adam Browning grew up with his mom who was a prescription drug addict and brought many boyfriends into the home. Adam was severely beaten by one boyfriend when he was 18 months of age, leaving him in a coma for six months and a lifetime of challenges.

For the past 10 years, Adam lived with his mom who continued to battle life as an addict. He isolated himself to his bedroom and suffered through loneliness and emotional abuse from his mom. Adam came home from work one day in June 2017 to find his mother dead. The next day he was evicted and ended up spending a cold night in his car. He called upon his step-dad who took him in temporarily and connected Adam with The Dream Center.

Since joining The Opportunity Village program Nov. 22, 2017, Adam has definitely experienced life transformation. When he is not working at his new job, he loves to volunteer in our resale stores. When asked what his biggest life change has been, Adam said, “My relationship with God and the love and care I have received from my new family.” His advice to others? Never, ever give up.

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