Dream Center of Pickens County



The Dream Center is more than a building. The Dream Center of Pickens County is a faith-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit that has been offering assistance to families since May, 2012. A primary focus is a mentoring program for people living in poverty.

The program empowers people to make different choices by offering incentives rewards and guidance in budgeting, money management, parenting, and employment. To qualify for help, you must be ready to work hard to improve your life. Everything we do as an organization is intended to empower and equip, but above all, to point people to the love of Jesus Christ. “Dream Dollars’ can be earned by attending classes or volunteering and redeemed for clothing, gas cards, Christmas assistance, etc.

Our Mission

The Dream Center of Pickens County exists to provide support and resources to individuals and families in need with an emphasis on helping them improve their lives with a hand-UP instead of a hand out.  Serving 30-50 walk-ins a month, The Dream Center believes one-way assistance is for emergency needs only.  All programs at The Dream Center are designed to allow people to earn the assistance they need. Over 50 free classes are offered each month including parenting, budgeting, healthy cooking on a budget, yoga, Bible study, nutrition, etc. These classes allow participants to earn Dream Dollars which can be redeemed for clothing, personal hygiene items, use of laundry facilities, and much more.  Committed to empowering people to help themselves, The Dream Center also offers a mentoring program for individuals who are ready to escape poverty and take steps toward self-sufficiency.

Great Needs in Pickens County

Many of the urgent needs facing Pickens County stem from poverty, the lack of support available to those who desire to climb out of poverty, and a lack of education and mentoring for those who have chosen to settle into lives of long-term poverty. There is not a homeless shelter in Pickens County, yet 37% of the walk-ins at The Dream Center are homeless.

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