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Apr 16


Meet Morgan. On a Tuesday morning six months ago, Morgan was addicted to drugs, homeless, hungry, and walking the streets looking for her next fix. She stumbled into The Dream Center and had no idea who we were or what we did. We fed her physically with a plate of food, and we fed her spiritually with the Gospel. At the time, we did not know that her mother, who was tired of enabling Morgan, had gotten saved on Sunday at 5 Point Church and had written Morgan’s name down on a piece of paper, asking the Lord to save her daughter. Morgan prayed and asked Jesus into her life in our office that Tuesday morning and was baptized the following Sunday beside her mother at 5 Point Church. Marie Bolding, a Dream Center volunteer whose passion is restoration from addiction, was volunteering in intake at The Dream Center that day and has been walking beside Morgan through her recovery. The picture on the left is Morgan at her baptism. The picture on the right is her today, clean and sober. She has regained custody of her daughter and is following Jesus! We are so proud of Morgan! Thank you to all who volunteer or give to The Dream Center to make life change possible!


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